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Regular Maintenance is of utmost importance to ensure trouble free and optimum performance. RightAir recommends monthly filter cleans and major maintenance services twice a year. Our suppliers provide a 1 year warranty / 5 year warranty (brand dependent) on all new units if the machines are serviced regularly. Failing to maintain the units results in all warranties becoming null and void. Whether you have new or aged units RightAir will provide maintenance to keep your units running at optimal capacity. Thus ensuring improved power consumption and efficient cooling and heating Our key services include:



We assist with the design and installation concepts.


Project Management

Making sure your installation happens on time and within budget.

Air-conditioning & refrigeration

We have over 15 years experience in these industries.

Mechanical & Maintenance Services

Making sure your HVAC systems are always in tip top shape.

Ventilation Systems

Our engineers have excellent knowledge and experience in ventilation systems.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best service and our client track record goes to show.

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